Extend the life of your robot./

Molten heat, Icelandic cold, toxic chemicals, lethal biological agents and explosive environments are unforgiving on your robot and bound to cause serious damage.


Extend the life of your robot with Robosuit® by Roboworld®. Engineered to provide maximum protection against the elements seeking to destroy your robot, we’ll custom design and manufacture your suit from the premier grade of materials specified to counter your harsh environmental agents, Your Robosuit® will also be engineered and constructed to ensure unrestricted movement to maintain ultimate performance.


Let us help you protect your robot and avoid lost productivity time, high maintenance fees and replacement costs.


If you have unique conditions, give us the details on your situation. We’ll take on your challenge and provide you with a custom solution to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Most likely, we have a story or two on how we solved a problem similar to yours for others.


Contact us and learn why Roboworld® is the leader in robot protection and how the Robosuit® will be one of the best investments you could make for your entire automation system.